• 100% Beef.
    100% Quality.
    100% Flavor.

    Seasoned, seared and grilled to perfection. Our burgers are made of 100% Beef and served hot, juicy and fully loaded with flavor. We don't know how to do it any other way. One taste and you will understand why we are known for our appetite-crushing burger beauties.

  • Heat lamps are for the lazy.

    At Checkers we make everything fresh to order and the second it’s done we deliver it right to your hungry hands. We take pride in preparing and serving food the right way; hot, juicy and full of flavor –  because there’s nothing fresh about burgers sitting under a light bulb.

  • Sizzle, sizzle goes the seasoning.

    What exactly makes our burgers so mouth wateringly delicious? It’s a secret. Just kidding, it’s not. It’s a perfect blend of spices that we generously sprinkle on every burger after tossing it onto the grill. Juicy stuff huh? It’s a process we call seared and seasoned. It’s something you’ll call delicious.

  • Taking a fresh stand on freshness.

    When it comes to toppings, if it's not 100% fresh, it's not getting loaded on to our food. And when we say “fresh” we're talking sliced-daily tomatoes and onions, and crisp iceberg lettuce, fresh. How's that for a fresh approach to freshness?

  • Like nothing you've ever craved before.

    There's fast food and then there's Checkers food. From our seared and seasoned Burgers and crazy good Wings to our rich and creamy Milkshakes and famously Seasoned Fries, our food always comes fully loaded with unique flavors that are real, and really, really good. Let the craving for that one-of-a-kind Checkers flavor begin.

  • 100% Quality
  • Made To Order
  • Grilled With Seasoning
  • Fresh Toppings
  • Unique Flavors